Tips for your juice cleanse

Tips for Before, During & After Your Juice Cleanse

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It may be tempting to think your juice cleanse begins and ends with the first and last sip of our freshly made juice. However, if you want to experience the full benefit of our juice cleanse what you do before and after will make a big difference, below are some of our recommendations:

Before your juice cleanse:

Remove caffeine slowly – It is recommended to avoid caffeine and other such stimuli for the duration of your juice cleanse. If you feel like you currently rely on your morning caffeine fix we recommend slowly reducing your caffeine intake days or weeks prior to your planned cleanse.
*Tip: Caffeine free/low caffeine Tea can be a great alternative to your morning coffee and pairs nicely with our cleanse.

Eat plant based – In the days/weeks leading up to your juice cleanse we recommend following a plant-based diet with (if any *preferable none) small quantities of meat. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables especially leafy greens. Meat can stay in your system for up to 72 hours whereas plants typically pass through within 24 hours, a plat-based diet will ensure your body is already well flushed and prepared for your juice cleanse.

Eat Organic When Possible – An organic diet will significantly reduce your bodies intake of harmful chemicals, pesticides and preservatives, meaning your body will have less toxins to flush as you commence your cleanse. Plus its much better for the environment.


During your juice cleanse:

When your purchase your juice cleanse you will be sent (to your email) a detailed instruction manual of what to do during your cleanse. Here are just a few extra tips:

Drink herbal teas – Herbal non-caffeinated tea (preferably organic) is a great aid to use during your cleanse. Warm water has been proven to aid in digestion, while tea leaves can reduce inflammation and build stronger immune systems. Making tea the perfect partner during your juice cleanse!

Breath work – Spending just a few minutes daily bringing awareness to your breath is a great tool to settle the mind and relax in your body. Breath work can also help through any ‘hunger’ spells, by consciously moving awareness away from the feeling of ‘hunger’ and bringing it back to your breath.

Meditation – As food leaves your stomach you will begin to feel more in synch with your body, this creates a unique opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level, in other words to ‘know thyself’ better. We recommend spending some time (however long you choose) sitting in silence entering a meditative state, your body will begin to communicate things you may have normally ignored.


After your cleanse:

Eat slowly, eat small, eat living – After a period of not consuming solid foods it may be tempting to indulge in a large meal, however this is a bad idea!
Your body will need time to adjust back to solid foods, you do not want to shock your system.

We recommend ending your juice cleanse with a small easily digestible meal, avoid meats and stick to fruits and vegetables, a nice bowl of leafy green salad with some roasted vegetable is a great option. Eat your meal slowly and take the time to consciously chew and swallow your food, you may be surprised at how quickly you begin to feel full. If you are feeling full and there is still food on your plate, listen to your body and wait before finishing your meal. If you quickly consume your meal your body will not have the chance to tell you to stop eating; Eat Slow, Eat Small, Eat Living!

Stay on track – Throughout the process of your juice cleanse you likely adopted some new healthy habits, maybe you began eating less meat and more living fruits and vegetables, or maybe you took up a new practice such as meditation or yoga, whatever these new healthy habits are stick with them, a one off juice cleanse cannot change your life but the habits it can create will!

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