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Signature Juice Cleanse

Signature Juice Cleanse

24 - 72 Hour Cleanse

Cleanse Duration
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Designed to:

  • Give your digestive system a rest from complex foods
  • Flush your body with living enzymes, antioxidants & minerals, in their most bioavailable form
  • Cleanse your bodies digestive organs 
  • Refresh your system & kick-start new healthy habits

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How This Works

Step 1) Order Your Cleanse and Select Delivery Day At 'Cart' Page

Step 2) Commit to Cleanse Duration

Step 3) Begin Cleanse The Day After Recieved
- to ensure maximum nutrients (our juice has a 5 day shelf life)

To View Cleanse Road Map Click Here

Cleanse Duration

You Choose:

1 Day
- Contains 10 Bottles
- No solids for 24 Hours
- Day 1: Drink 9 Bottles + Ginger Shot
- Effect: Light Cleanse
- Little Hunger

2 Days
- Contains 17 Bottles
- No solids for 48 Hours
- Day 1: Drink 8 Bottles + Ginger Shot
- Day 2: Drink 7 Bottles + Ginger Shot
- Effect: Medium Cleanse
- Slight Hunger

3 Days
- Contains 21 Bottles
- No solids for 72 Hours
- Day 1: Drink 7 Bottles + Ginger Shot
- Day 2: Drink 6 Bottles + Ginger Shot
- Day 3: Drink 5 Bottles + Ginger Shot
- Effect: Full Cleanse
- Moderate Hunger

3 Days + (Beginner Friendly)
- Contains 30 Bottles
- Recommended for beginners & those who want a little extra juice to subdue their hunger.
- No solids for 72 Hours
- Day 1: Drink 9 Bottles + Ginger Shot
- Day 2: Drink 9 Bottles + Ginger Shot
- Day 3: Drink 9 Bottles + Ginger Shot
- Effect: Full Cleanse
- Moderate Hunger

View Full Road Map Here

Cleanse Contains

1 Day
Orange Sunrise x 1
Applicious x 1
Can't Beet-a-Root x 2
Sweet Greens x 2
Sour Greens x 2
Deep Clean x 1   
Ginger Shot x 1 

2 Days
Orange Sunrise x 2
Applicious x 2
Can't Beet-a-Root x 4
Sweet Greens x 2 
Sour Greens x 3
Deep Clean x 2
Ginger Shot x 2 

3 Days
Orange Sunrise x 3
Applicious x 2
Can't Beet-a-Root x 4
Sweet Greens x 3
Sour Greens x 3
Deep Clean  x 3
Ginger Shot x 3

3 Days +
Orange Sunrise x4
Applicious x 4
Can't Beet-a-Root x 6
Sweet Greens x 5 
Sour Greens x 5
Deep Clean x 3
Ginger Shot x 3

Orange Sunrise,
*Oranges, *Carrot, *Lemon

*Apples, *Carrot, ^Ginger

Can't Beet-a-Root*Beetroot,
*Apple, *Carrot, ^Ginger

Sweet Greens,
*Celery, *Cucumber, *Apple, *Lemon, ^Ginger

Sour Greens,
*Kale, *Silverbeet, *Green Apple, *Lemon

Deep Clean,
Activated Charcoal, *Apple, *Lemon, ^Tumeric

*Certified Organic
^Spray Free
- All Bottles 250ml

Common Questions

Are there any additives?
Nope! Just fruit and vegetables, nothing else!

Will I lose weight?

Weight loss should not be the aim, the aim is to give your digestive system a rest while flushing your body with high-quality organic nutrients in their most bio-available form. In saying this, you will be consuming less calories than your every day diet, as a result you will likely loose a kilo or three - in most instances this is adjusted as you continue your normal diet.  


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  • Delivered Fresh!

  • Organic Ingredients, Raw & Unpasteurised

  • Cold-Pressed Technology

Why Should I Cleanse?

We live in a world flooded with a never before known, vast amount of synthetic toxins...

Overtime these toxins build up in our body and begin to strain our immune systems, leading to inflammation and disease.

How does a juice cleanse help?

A Juice Cleanse helps by temporarily reducing the bodies work load, freeing up the necessary energy to begin flushing toxin build up and strengthen the immune system.

While cleansing you will be ingesting potent, living, nutrients, in their most bio-available form. Flushing your body with goodness and expelling out the bad.

Some User Experienced Benefits:

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Our juice is Raw and unpreserved meaning, it is highly concentrated in nutrients but also has a shelf life up to 6 days.

If you are unable to consumer the juice in time it is possible to freeze for up to 6 months.
*To Freeze - Pour your juice in a plastic bottle with some space left at the top - your juice will expand during the freezing process and may crack our glass bottles.

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews

Just had the best detox cleanse with all the mahi done for me! I usually do my own juices but decided to relax and try 'Juice on the Move' - The juices were devine and no mess for to clean up. Will definitely be doing this again and highly recommend!!😁

Olivia Climo
Best cleanse!

If you’re looking for a great cleanse that actually works this is it!! The juices themselves taste incredible and all organic!! This cleanse change my relationship with food in a good way!!

Thanks team!!

Megan Adler
Fresh start for 2024

After 6 weeks of Xmas cheer it was time to have a detox. I saw a FB post of a friend completing this juice cleanse so messaged her to ask her how she found it. This automatically made me want to get on board and use this as an opportunity to get rid of the toxins from the alcohol and food that was consumed. When ordering it I was convincing myself that it was only 3 days and this will be fine and we can do it. Anxiety of just having juice during the day was definitely hanging on the left shoulder but knew deep down I needed to do it. My friend also said that she had lost 4kgs (don’t know where 🤣) so this was of course an added drive.
So day 1 was out worst feeling day with constant headaches and feeling larthagic and tired. Day2 was a very productive morning but afternoon was lazy. Day 3 again felt good in the mornings but the avo really hit me. Didn’t help getting the monthly on day 3 which potentially explains why I was more tired and feeling bleh.
We weighed ourselves beforehand and afterwards and overall we lost 3kgs which is great.
Didn’t feel hungry during the cleanse but boredom/feeling tired allowed you to think about yummy foods.
This has been a great reset for us. The service and communication was spot on and couldn’t fault it. Thank you.

Amazing cleanse!

After eating a lot over the Christmas and New Years period I decided to start the new year by trying this cleanse. I chose to do the 3-day cleanse and all I can say is the results were amazing. The juices were so delicious, and my hunger wasn't too bad. By the last day I wasn't really hungry at all, and I had more energy. I am now more mindful about what I eat and when I eat. I will definitely be doing this again in the near future. For those who want to give this a try I 100% highly recommend. Thank you.

Honey Hireme-Smiler
Fresh start 2024

Wanted to start the year off well. Done the 3 day cleanse and would 100% recommend it to all. Juices were so tasty, hunger wasn’t bad at all and felt so good afterwards, also lost 3 kgs which was a bonus