Refund Policy

Refund Policy

Because our product is shipped chilled and perishable, we ask you to open and inspect your package immediately upon receipt, and then immediately place the product into your fridge.

Due to the perishable nature of our product we cannot accept refunds for the following reasons:

- you changed your mind after your purchase 
- you made a mistake when creating your order 
- you entered incorrect delivery information
- you did not treat/store your juice correctly 
- you didn't get the results you believed you would
- you were not home when the order was delivered and the juice has gone bad
We reserve the right to accept or decline refunds at all times, at our judgment.

We have a no returns and refunds policy - we cannot refund any orders once shipped or delivered. 

In the rare instance we accept a refund, the refund total will exclude a 10% transaction fee.
If your payment was made via 'Afterpay' a refund will be made excluding a 15% transaction fee.

From the time of your delivery you have up to 24 hours to contact us to rectify any problem with your order. 

If you wish to postpone your order/cleanse, you must notify us 48 hours before your order is sent for delivery - we will be able to schedule your delivery for a later date. 

Once delivered we are no longer responsible for mishandled juice, all sales are final. 

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