What is our Mission?

What is our Mission?

"Conveniently Deliver Raw & Organic Juice to New Zealand in a Sustainable Manner”.

The Break Down:


To us convenience looks like a direct to door delivery and subscription service. Customers will sign up to our subscription service and select from a constantly updated range of juice, a flavour they would like to receive for the week. We will then ship this flavour directly to our customers doorstep in our insulated packaging, our customers will simply sit back relax and wait for their product to come to them (juice on the move – juice that moves to you). One challenge we are currently testing, is ensuring we have a reliable delivery service that gets the juice to our customers within 24 hours of being made, our current best option is to keep delivery in house, to scale we will look at working with a 3rd party.


To stay true to the second part of our mission statement, ‘raw and organic’, we avoid all preservatives and pasteurisation, using organic ingredients whenever possible. We aim to keep our juice as close to mother nature intended and believe processes of pasteurisation degrade nutritional content. Because of this decision to keep our juice raw, we are working with a very perishable product (5, at most 7-day shelf life), being the reason we must ensure a reliable and speedy delivery service.


Science is beginning to concretely prove that current methods of agriculture are not sustainable and lead to continued degradation of our soil and surrounding landscape year on year. Crops are being pumped filled with synthetic chemicals as the soil is no longer able to naturally provide what it always has. We would like to be a force for change and awareness. Thus, are committed to supporting the organic industry, which is at present our best solution to revive our soil and natural landscape. Further, studies have shown organically produced crops contain between 20 – 60% more antioxidants and far less pesticide residue, therefore much better for our customers.

To New Zealand 

We are currently focusing on the Auckland market, once we have a tried and tested scalable system, we will expand to all New Zealand, both the North and South Island.

Sustainable Manner

The health of mother nature is one of our primary focuses, as we grow our means to achieve ‘sustainability’­­ will grow also. Currently we are small, but we still do what we can. Our current sustainable practices include:

  • In-house bottle collection and re-use: Presently for all in person sales we offer credit too customers who return their glass bottles, for us to then sterilise and reuse. We are working out how to implement this system online; initially online customers will be able to bring their used bottles to our Juicery and receive credit, eventually we aim to implement this within the delivery service itself.
  • Labelling and packaging: When selecting our labelling and packaging we don’t go for what’s ‘cheapest’ we choose based on what will have the least impact on nature.
  • Our delivery packaging is made from sheep’s wool that has been diverted from landfill – this allows us to keep juice bottles cold for up to 48 hours throughout transport while avoiding polyester and plastic insulation.
  • Our bottle labelling is made from FSC certified paper and is easily removed (in the form of a neck tag) making the process of sterilising bottles for reuse or recycling much easier.
  • Glass Bottles: We use glass bottles to keep our juice pure, fresh, and clean tasting. Glass bottles can also be recycled infinitely and do not leach chemical substances into our environment or product for that matter. Of course, these bottles still use Earths resources such as sand, water, and energy during production. As of right now glass is our best option and with the right recycling and reuse system glass can be quite sustainable.
  • Organic Produce: Under current chemical-based farming methods we have an estimated 60 years of useable topsoil left (according to the United Nations). Organic farming has been shown to restore rather than destroy our Earth and is at present our best solution to save our planet! We will use organic ingredients whenever possible to support the Organic industry.




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