Our Story

Juice on the move was born from a desire to see a world where humankind and nature live in harmony, as one. What better way to express that than through the cooperative consumption of nature’s fruits in their most simplistic form.

Our Mission:

Conveniently Provide Raw Organic Juice to New Zealand in a Sustainable Manner.

Raw & Real

To achieve this, we will keep our juice as nature intended in its RAW form, this means we will avoid all additives, preservatives and pasteurisation processes, Only Fruit & Vegetables, NOTHING ELSE!

Organic Agriculture 

It is becoming more and more apparent that our current farming practices are unsustainable, in fact scientists have estimated we have only 60 years of topsoil left under current farming practices…
Organic growing is at present the best solution. Therefore, we will use organic ingredients (whenever possible) in all our products. Not only is this better for the Earth, organic produce is 20-60% more dense in antioxidants and 4 times less contaminated by pesticides, thus it is much better for you. Yes, it may be a little more expensive, but you pay for what you get!

Convenient Customer Experience 

We aim to deliver our products as hassle free and conveniently as possible, we value the entire customer experience from creation to delivery. To achieve this, we will use an online based same day delivery service (by same day we mean – Juice is made the same day it is delivered), this means our customers will know the exact day their juice will arrive and it will be delivered as fresh as possible (as it was made the same day).

Sustainable Business Operations 

While undergoing all business practice we will keep sustainability at the forefront of our focus. Mother nature has given so much, we believe it is time to give back.

Current Practices:
  • In-house bottle collection and re-use: Presently for all in person sales we offer credit too customers who return their glass bottles, for us to then sterilise and reuse. We are working out how to implement this system online; initially online customers will be able to bring their used bottles to our Juicery and receive credit, eventually we aim to implement this within the delivery service itself.


  • Labelling and packaging: When selecting our labelling and packaging we don’t go for what’s ‘cheapest’ we choose based on what will have the least impact on nature.
    Our delivery packaging is made from sheep’s wool that has been diverted from landfill – this allows us to keep juice bottles cold for up to 48 hours throughout transport while avoiding polyester and plastic insulation.
    Our bottle labelling is made from FSC certified paper and is easily removed (in the form of a neck tag) making the process of sterilising bottles for reuse or recycling much easier.


  • Glass Bottles: We use glass bottles to keep our juice pure, fresh, and clean tasting. Glass bottles can also be recycled infinitely and do not leach chemical substances into our environment or product for that matter. Of course, these bottles still use Earths resources such as sand, water, and energy during production. As of right now glass is our best option and with the right recycling and reuse system glass can be quite sustainable.


  • Organic Produce: Under current chemical-based farming methods we have an estimated 60 years of useable topsoil left… Organic farming has been shown to restore rather than destroy our Earth and is at present our best solution to save our planet! We will use organic ingredients whenever possible to support the Organic industry.


Every dollar you spend casts a vote: make sure you’re voting for your future!