The Science of Juice Cleansing

"A juice cleanse is not intended to act as a ‘purifying force’ in your body. The idea is that a juice cleanse gives your organs a break from detoxing and purifying, allowing them to focus on other things such as boosting your immune system or even fighting a disease.” (Poole, n.d.)
In todays world, almost no matter what you do, toxins and chemicals have become a part of our every day diet; the chlorine in our water, preservatives in many foods, even trace amounts of carbon monoxide in our air. In small manageable amounts these toxins are nothing to worry about, however, overtime they tend to build up in our bodies, putting strain on our immune systems.

Our Organic Detoxifying System 

Our bodies are equipped with a powerful organic detoxifying system, our kidney, liver and colon are the stars of this system.  These organs work around the clock doing the bodies ‘dirty’ work, filtering out all harmful chemicals. 


Juice Cleanse Benefits

Our kidneys are located just below the rib cage on each side of our spine. Healthy kidneys filter half a cup of blood every minute, removing waste and extra fluid from our body (Diseases, 2018).

Juice Cleanse Benefits

Our liver is the bodies largest solid organ, located just below the diaphragm. Our liver is responsible for breaking down, converting and removing harmful toxins from our blood, further our liver creates immune systems, promotes proteins responsible for blood clotting, breaks down old or damaged red blood cells and stores extra blood sugar as glycogen (Healthline, 2018). With all this being said, its easy to see the real superhero of our ‘waste’ system.

Juice Cleanse Benefits

Our colon is made up of muscle and located just below the stomach. Our colons main role is to process indigestible food material as well as absorb water, electrolytes and vitamins (MNT, 2022).


 How Does a Juice Cleanse Help?

Under more 'natural' circumstances the bodies organic detoxifying system would be more than enough, however in our 'modern' world we inhale, ingest and expel toxins at a rate never before known. This means our detoxifying organs are working harder and harder than ever before, at times the build up of toxins is simply too much for our system to handle, which if ignored, leads to immune deficiency and health problems.

A juice cleanse can help by giving our system a chance to rest,
"a chance to process less complex nutrients".
While you are on our juice cleanse your body will be flushed with raw organic nutrients in their most simple easy to digest form. During this period your body will no longer focus on digesting solid food instead it will focus on expelling toxins and building immunity more efficiently.

By no means is a juice cleanse some 'miracle cure', yes you may lose weight but likely it will only be temporary. A juice cleanse is simply a 'tool', an external practice which allows the user to aid in their internal system.
In other words "a juice cleanse is a way of saying thankyou to your body for all its hard work"


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