The Great Reset... A Transformational Program Designed To Reset Your Habits In 21 Days!

First Program Sold Out So Fast We are Running Another One!

The First Great Reset Commences On The 20th of May! The Seats Filled Up So Quickly We Have Decided To Run Another Program Beginning On The 10th Of June...

Taking Applications Now!

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Shift Your Reality...

Shift Your Reality...

Our life is designed by the micro habits we do every day...

The thoughts we think, the actions we make, and the insights we follow.
I look at this as the holy trinity: the thoughts being the mind, the actions being the body, and the insights being the spirit. 

When we change these micro habits, our entire reality begins to shift!

Often these habits happen automatically, they are things we have done with so much repetition, that they have now entered our automatic (unconscious mind).

To break these habits we need something to shake us out of the habitual routine, we must do something our automatic mind is not expecting...   

This is precisely what this course has been designed to do.

Welcome to the great reset.

Taking 5 applicants now for the second-ever Great Reset, commencing June 1st, 2024.

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21 days to change your life...

We have designed this 21 day program to shake up your normal routine by challenging your mind with something it could not anticipate...

We will only be accepting 5 people into this program to create an intimate, personalised experience.

What's Included?

Juice Fast Program

  • 16 days of intermittent fasting.
  • 3 day juice cleanse.
  • 2 day water fast.
1) 16-day intermittent fast
  • Includes a personalised meal plan.
  • Supported by 16 litres of juice (1-litre per day).
  • A detailed video course to guide you every step of the way.
2) 3 day juice cleanse
  • End your intermittent fast with our signature 3 day juice cleanse.
  • Detailed video course included.
3) Conclude this program with a 2 day water fast
  • Detailed video course guiding you through.

Live Calls w/Benjamin

Throughout these 21 days there are 6 scheduled zoom calls with Benjamin.

These zoom calls will be used as a means of social accountability, with the key focus on developing a new mindset and cementing goals to introduce new habits.

These calls will be very intermit, I will only be accepting 5 people per 21-day program.

Food Program

We have developed a detailed food program to ensure you are consuming only organic compounds during the intermittent fast.

This program not only guides you on the foods to consume, but also the time to consume them.

Detail Video Course

We have filmed a detailed video course with hours of content to guide you through the entire experience.

This video course has a heavy focus on mindset to help you achieve your goals and implement new habits while letting go of those that do not serve.

  • Delivered Fresh!

  • Raw & Organic!

  • Cold-Pressed!

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Mindset Matters...

Mind is the foundational layer to our physically reality...

All things physical originate from the mind.
This means, in order to change our physical reality, we must first believe this change has already happened.

This follows the concept of '".

We must first mentally become the person that has already changed their life,
then we act as this person would act, finally the physical reality shifts to reflect the new person we have become.

This program has a heavy focus on this concept, personalised help will be offered during the live zoom calls.

  • Are You Ready?

    As the saying goes "you can lead a horse to water but you can't force it to drink..."
    You will only be accepted into this program if you are willing and ready to change!

  • Have You Identified The Problem?

    The first step is identifying that which you wish to change.
    You must be clear on this, so we can tackle the problem head on!

  • What do you desire?

    What is the ideal life you see for yourself? Who do you wish to become?
    Form a clear image of this and get ready to step into this new reality!

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